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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Mimecast

What does Diversity Equity and Inclusion mean for Mimecast?

As a global company, we believe our success rests in the diverse nature of our business and our ability to connect with our employees, customers, and clients from all walks of life. We believe our ability to scale and grow relies in part on our efforts to attract and retain diverse talent.  

Our Global DEI Strategy is informed by an approach that focuses on 4 key pillars – Career, Culture, Community and Commerce.

  • Culture: Driving initiatives internally that enhance our culture and create a sense of belonging for all Mimecasters. 
  • Career: Developing a talent attraction and retention strategy that champions the careers of diverse Mimecasters. 
  • Community: Fostering greater community resilience through partnerships with non-profits that engage with underrepresented communities. 
  • Commerce: Supporting go-to-market and sales functions in the support of diverse communities through our product

What is Mimecast doing to attract a more diverse workforce?

Since launching our Global DEI strategy in 2021, we have invested in efforts to address representation opportunities across our workforce to better reflect our local communities, with a particular focus on increasing the representation of Women and People of Color in our employee base. 

We know that in order to attract a diverse workforce, we need to meet them where they are. As such, we have established partnerships with external organizations such as Professional Diversity Network (PDN), MA LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce and Circa to support attracting and recruiting diverse talent. Through these partnerships, we have access to a diverse candidate pool, where we can connect with diverse community groups and promote Mimecast as an employer of choice. 

Through 2022, our Talent Acquisition team, in collaboration with Mimecasters, attended and hosted over 20 virtual events and experiences with external partners, universities and colleges. Some of these included the WomenTech Network; Resilient Coders, University of New Hampshire, MA LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce, Black Hat and MASS Tech Leadership Council. 

Our newly hired Global Employer Brand & Talent Engagement leader in collaboration with our Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion also ensures we represent the diversity of our Mimecasters in all external facing talent attraction materials, working with our Employee Resource Groups, to reach and appeal to as diverse an audience as possible. 

How can employees get invovled? 

Our Employee Resource Groups are open to all employees and are built on a philosophy that to build a workplace that works for everyone, everyone must build it together.  

Mimecast currently has four ERGs, with over 500 members in total: 

  • PRIDE: Supporting LGBTQ+ Mimecasters
  • HUES – Humans Understanding Each Other’s Stories: Supporting employees of Color at Mimecast.
  • Women & Allies: Supporting Women at Mimecast
  • MIMEAbility: Supporting Mimecasters with diverse cognitive & physical abilities.
  • Veterans: Supporting Mimecast Veterans, Service Members and families.

Our ERGs have been at the heart of delivering thought-provoking initiatives that help foster empathy, awareness, and psychological safety amongst employees.  

What other programs support our DEI initiatives?

  • Future Builders Program: For Director-level and above roles, Mimecast leverages a Future Builders Program where members of our Employee Resource Groups and Global DEI Council participate in the interview process. This program sets us up to have a diverse pool of trained interviewers who actively facilitate discussions on our values and assess for inclusive leadership competencies amongst candidates. 
  • Inclusion Awareness Training: Mimecasters have ongoing learning and development opportunity workshops to deepen their understanding of key DEI concepts and their applicability to our work. Our annual flagship event, in recognition of Global Diversity Awareness Month in October, was attended by over 350 employees globally, where our headline speaker, Dr. Eddie Moore, delivered a thought-provoking session on the root causes of inequity and systemic biases. Regional events were hosted in our UK, Australian, USA and South African offices for employees to experience in-person discussions on inclusion and belonging.    

  • Enhanced Benefits: We have enhanced our Benefits policy to better cater to non-traditional definitions of family and lifestyle. This was done in consultation with external non-profit MA LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce to leverage their expertise and ensure best practice to support our LGBTQ+ employees. 

  • Partnerships with Year Up & ELATT Program: Mimecast has leveraged our partnerships with Year Up & ELATT to support workforce development and open internship opportunities for students from marginalized backgrounds.  This aligns with our internal work, through employee resource groups and core policies, to create an inclusive workforce that prioritizes accessibility. 

  • Self-Identification Program: In 2022, Mimecast launched its first Diversity Self-Identification campaign. This effort gave Mimecasters the opportunity to voluntarily disclose demographic information beyond gender and age globally. By doing so, we will be able to better understand the breadth of diversity that exists amongst our workforce, whilst implementing targeted solutions to effectively drive the development, retention, and professional growth of our diverse employee base.

Where can I find more information about your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives?

Check out our 2023 Annual ESG report, our 2024 report will be published shortly, stay tuned!




Jennifer Odogwu

Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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