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Call-Out Days: the Marmite of GTM (Go-To-Market)!

In marketing this year we looked at how do we make Call-Out Days not only productive on a numbers level, but also engaging on a personal level for all sales reps included.

Many discussions were had, and as those of us here in London who work simultaneously with the UK and European markets, had the inspired idea ... “What about an EMEA-wide Call-Out Day?”

The wheels were set in motion and we recruited Reps from across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) to help us decide on a theme then plan and organize the day across eight different office locations. To encourage collaboration with, and curiosity about, our fellow EMEA Mimecasters, each office was to embody another EMEA office for the day. This meant that, for example, London’s would be Paris for the day and the team would enjoy classic French treats and an Eiffel Tower cut-out, and the Johannesburg office would be Dubai for the day with camel figurines and cacti.

We also placed a post box in each office, where Reps could send a postcard to a colleague in another EMEA office. This was my personal favorite aspect – seeing people sending kind words and encouragement to their colleagues across the region, while working toward a common goal, which is really what this day was all about.

With the theme nailed, and sales teams informed, it was up to us to pull off the day, in five different time zones, and three different continents. We also wanted an exciting kick-off so our senior leaders filmed their words of encouragement and motivation in advance, so that each region could see their messages, before the live version in London.

This meant that, although we would all have the same schedule for the day, we staggered the starts (so each region began at 9am), and reps would spend their day trying to book as many meetings as possible.

And book they did!


We also had some incredible personal wins for some reps, including some huge and long-sought-after enterprise new business meetings!

The day turned out exactly as we had all hoped, with the numbers exceeding our expectations.

A big thanks to the EMEA marketing team for all their hard work in the weeks and months leading up, to make this day happen. And kudos to the GTM teams for putting in the work on the day!

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