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Life at Mimecast


Help Yourself AND the Planet!

Did you sign up for the a newsletter for 10% off back in 2022 ?! ... Then do the planet a favor by log in and unsubscribe.

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Charting New Territories: A Woman's Journey in Tech Sales

We as women are stepping up, boldly challenging conventions, breaking barriers, and rewriting the rules of what it means to be successful in sales

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Call Out Days – the Marmite of GTM (Go-To-Market)!

Bringing our regional offices together for a very creative Call-Out Day.

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Embark on an Exciting Journey: Discovering Mimecast's Newest Canadian Venture

Strengthen relationships and foster camaraderie whilst building a presence in a new location! 

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DEI at Mimecast-2023

Hear from our Global Head of DEI talk about our global DEI Strategy, with the ultimate goal of enabling inclusion for all.

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a woman with long hair in a ponytail

Career Journey of Zoey Cigar-Hodge, Customer Success Enablement Lead

'I wasn't traditionally inspired to get into tech, I just stumbled into it.'

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