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Charting New Territories: A Woman's Journey in Tech Sales

We often pigeonhole women to specific roles or professions, overlooking the wealth of talent and unique perspectives they possess. Women don't need to conform to predetermined molds to thrive in sales. In fact, women often bring a unique approach to sales - one that's more consultative, emphasizes relationship-building, and is often characterized by empathy. This fresh perspective can be a game-changer when tackling challenges or seeking innovative ways to engage with customers.

For me, being in sales has been both incredibly rewarding and challenging at the same time. My venture into tech sales started when I was working in marketing and a leader acknowledged my potential and offered me an opportunity in a sales role. Over the past ten years working in the industry, I've encountered various obstacles ranging from outdated stereotypes to systemic biases, but my resilience and unwavering determination to prove myself has been pivotal in forging paths throughout my journey.

Transitioning from learning the intricacies of sales to managing a relatively niche product in the United Arab Emirates and broader Gulf region required me to embrace various roles. From spearheading marketing initiatives and generating leads to conducting product demonstrations and closing deals, therefore versatility was key. This journey served as my primary learning ground where I refined my communication skills, developed assertiveness, and learned not to be disheartened by rejection. My first taste of success came when I closed a deal with the Dubai Police for the same niche product. This experience taught me that persistence and maintaining the right attitude are crucial in sales. After this achievement, any lingering uncertainty vanished, and as the saying goes, the rest became history.

My experience at Mimecast has been truly remarkable. In a mere nine months since joining the company, I earned the esteemed Eagles Club status (A global recognition program for top performing salespeople). Nothing brought me more joy than sharing my success with my team and seizing the chance to connect with fellow sales professionals from across the business. What I value most about Mimecast is the supportive work environment it fosters. And by this I mean a supportive work environment goes beyond just having a nice coffee machine; it's about cultivating a culture where everyone feels valued and heard. A positive culture not only reduces stress levels but also boosts morale and promotes overall mental and emotional well-being. At Mimecast, I have consistently felt valued, respected, and supported by both my peers and leadership, contributing to a fulfilling and enriching work experience.

A piece of advice to all young women in sales, or in any field where they are striving to make a mark, is to embrace change and say yes to challenges. While change may be uncomfortable, it is often in moments of adversity that we discover our true potential. Personally, I embraced the challenge of entering tech sales, despite having an educational background unrelated to sales and little to no knowledge about the competitive corporate world. Despite the initial uncertainty, it ultimately paid off. Lastly, remember to be your own role model and cheerleader. Believe in yourself and your abilities, and don't hesitate to celebrate your successes along the way.

While biases may persist, indeed you often encounter terms like "being difficult" when you assert yourself or disagree, but what I can strongly affirm is that the narrative is shifting. It’s not just because society is becoming more aware of the need for equality, but because we as women are stepping up, boldly challenging conventions, breaking barriers, and rewriting the rules of what it means to be successful in sales. In doing so, we are laying the groundwork next generation of Tech saleswomen, who will enter a field that is more diverse, more equitable, and more open to the multifaceted talents they bring to the table.


Natasha Shamail Sayed

SMB New Sales Business Development

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