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Embarking on an Exciting Journey: Discovering Mimecast's Newest Canadian Venture.

Last summer marked the beginning of my journey with Mimecast, when I joined as a member of the Talent Acquisition (TA) in the North America team. I was very excited about the prospect of exploring new talent landscapes across the globe as we expand our footprint into Canada, India, and other geographies across the world.

We are in a period of growth, entering new markets and opening new offices which makes working in Talent Acquisition an exciting place to be, supporting the business in establishing new locations and finding local top talent to join us on our journey.

It's such a unique opportunity for professionals to get in at the early stages and play a key role in shaping the future of Mimecast in Canada, with the energy and excitement of a start-up environment, but the security and maturity of an established larger organization. Mimecast has an ambitious vision and mission and is investing in people, tech and products - and being part of the team helping to build teams locally is a unique opportunity for Talent Acquisition Partners like me!

Just recently, I had the privilege of visiting the opening of our new office in Mississauga, Canada, which was a significant milestone for TA who were instrumental in building the team locally. To commemorate this occasion we held an internal event that brought together members of the Executive Leadership Team, internal stakeholders, external partners, and prospective candidates. It was a celebration of not only our new office but also the sense of community and collaboration that defines Mimecast's culture. Building out and opening a new office requires collaboration and teamwork across multiple diverse functions working in partnership including HR, Facilities, Engineering, Leadership, TA, Office & Facilities and many other departments. 

Furthermore, our commitment to social responsibility was underscored by our involvement in local volunteer initiatives—a testament to Mimecast's values. Mimecast donated $13,500 CAD which equals to food for 13,500 meals via Food Banks Mississauga, the leading local food security organization. They lead a network of 60+ agency members, including neighborhood food banks, pantries, cupboards and meal and snack programs, working together to realize a food-secure Mississauga. 

For me and my team, this trip was more than a work activity; it was an opportunity to strengthen relationships and foster camaraderie - and I very much appreciated the opportunity to represent the team behind the hiring, and the recognition for our hard work and contribution to building a presence in a new location. 

The decision to establish ourselves in Mississauga was carefully considered. With a history of successful ventures in the Greater Toronto area and a strategic analysis confirming the region's abundant talent pool, it was a logical choice. Additionally, Mississauga's proximity to our hub in Lexington, MA facilitates seamless collaboration across time zones, enhancing operational efficiency. 

If you're seeking to be part of a dynamic team dedicated to pushing boundaries and driving innovation, Mimecast offers an unparalleled opportunity for growth and development. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey of expansion and discovery. Your next career milestone awaits.

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Sam Schatz

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