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Fostering Talent and Excitement - University New Hampshire Competition

On Friday, October 27th 2023, Mimecast's Lexington office buzzed with energy as the University of New Hampshire (UNH) Sales Competition took center stage. With an impressive turnout of 48 enthusiastic students and a number of previous summer interns there to assist facilitating the event and to share their personal experiences, the event was set to be an exhilarating showcase of budding sales talent.

In collaboration with the UNH Professional Sales Group, Mimecast design an immersive experience including a series of multi-round interviews and mock calls to provide students with a hands-on experience in the world of sales, and the opportunity to demonstrate their exceptional communication skills.

The day kicked off with a warm welcome from our VP Business Development, whose insightful remarks set the tone for an interactive and informative session. Students were able to ask questions which added to the sense of community and collaboration. The event then switched to a series of role-plays designed to mimic real-world business scenarios, with Mimecasters acting as judges meticulously evaluating the students' persuasive abilities, negotiation tactics, and overall sales acumen. 

As the rounds progressed the finalists emerged showcasing their sales acumen and passion for the field. Among the 12 finalists were two exceptional students were crowned winners, and walked away with well-deserved accolades and some enticing prizes.

A unique and authentic experience 

The event is testament to Mimecast's commitment to nurturing emerging talent and fostering a vibrant community of sales professionals. The students authentic experience of Mimecast - a combination of a healthy competitive spirit, and an inclusive and welcoming environment for individuals passionate about sales and technology. 

The UNH Sales Competition at Mimecast provided a platform for students to showcase their skills, and served as a source of inspiration and motivation for the next generation of sales professionals. Students and Mimecasters alike left with a feeling of positivity, excitement and are eagerly anticipating the future endeavors and opportunities for the growth and development of the sales leaders of tomorrow.


Melanie Sardinha

Talent Aquisition Partner

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