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Women in Tech- Boston 2023

As an HR professional and a second-generation Armenian American woman, I'm committed to the principles of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. It's not just a talking point for me – it's a core value!

Working at Mimecast has been a perfect fit for me because this organization places a high priority on collaboration, innovation, and investing in its people. It's an environment that fosters growth, both personally and professionally, which is something that drew me to join the team.

As part of our Global Talent Acquisition team, I've had the honor of promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion as one of our DEI Champions which has been incredibly fulfilling.

This past October, I, along with six other members of Mimecast's Women and Allies Employee Resource Group, had the privilege of attending Boston's Women in Tech conference to launch Global Diversity Awareness Month. The event spanned two inspiring days, bringing together over 900 participants from various levels of the tech industry and featured a packed schedule. The conference included a lineup of inspiring keynote speakers and ample networking opportunities to connect with new faces and share valuable takeaways.

The core themes of the conference resonated with my role as a Talent Acquisition Partner. They focused on women pioneering efforts in the tech sector, paving the way for a new frontier, while also considering the future impact of these endeavors. The resounding message was the importance of cultivating an environment where every employee can bring their whole, authentic self to work. This authenticity is the spark for fostering inclusion and driving change. Different backgrounds and life experiences bring unique perspectives to the table, accelerating the pace of transformation and progress.

In this new frontier, women have multifaceted roles in their lives – from being daughters, mothers, and mentors to dedicated employees. Women are known for our strength, intelligence, innovation, passion, and resilience as leaders in the corporate landscape. I'm excited about the future impact we can continue to achieve in these roles.

The conference highlighted the significance of personal growth and understanding one's "why" – that intrinsic motivation that keeps us committed to our work. It's about aligning our responsibilities with what truly energizes and fulfills us. Attending Women In Tech has empowered me to know that I have the support of incredible women to continue advocating for myself, my peers, and the candidates I interact with daily. I'm genuinely grateful to be part of an organization like Mimecast, which embraces and encourages diversity, equity, and inclusion. It's a place where values and actions align, making it an excellent destination for prospective candidates who share our commitment to DEI.


Natalie Donabedian

Talent Aquisition Partner, US

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